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Meditation Commitment Issues…

Well yes, I know I have commitment issues overall. Right now it’s surfacing as meditation commitment issues. I think I’m just cautious with life… I start slow with things before I dive fully in and say yes, this is for me. Nothing wrong with that right? Lately meditation is the new thing that I’m experimenting with. I knew after my yoga training last year that I wanted to make meditation a bigger part of my life. Since then I’ve tried a few styles and am having a hard time deciding what’s for me… they all have strengths for different reasons. I know at some point I should choose and then delve deeper into one practice. I just think the potpourri of styles might really work for me though. I get what I need from each.
Here are my recent meditation trials:

Primordial sound Meditation – originating in the ancient wisdom of India. Primordial Sounds—the basic, most essential sounds of nature—are used to disconnect us from the activity of life. These individually selected sounds, known as mantras, are based on the vibration the universe was making at the moment of your birth.
LOVED this… mantras, crystal bowls, they all added an element that helped me go inward. And going inward as a practice resonates with me. Disconnecting from senses, body and finding the minds eye always left me feeling grounded, relaxed and centered.

I was practicing at the Chopra Yoga Centre in Vancouver but had to put my membership on hold when I tore my rotator cuff (my membership was yoga based and too expensive to continue without making use of the yoga side). Which led me to explore other options…

Shambhala – Buddhism based. This was the first time I meditated with my eyes open. Less about detaching from senses and more mindful and aware meditation. It was different, a very social atmosphere after the sit (at least on the day that I went) which was tough for me after an hour of peace and calm.

Za Zen – Buddhism based as well. I really liked it. there were a number of rituals which seemed to be there to keep you in the present moment. The opposite of what I do in primordial sound meditation. This was good for me for different reasons. I didn’t exactly leave feeling rested and grounded… but since I do have an active imagination I often end up in my head and detached from the world around me, the rituals made me stay present and in the moment.

So far it’s Za Zen and Primordial that I love… for different reasons, but I’m going to keep playing the field for now 🙂

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