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Go Canada Go!!!!

Wow, what a game last night – Canada vs. Russia! It’s great to see strategic passing that pays off instead of frantic puck scrambles. Both teams played so well – … Continue reading

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Day 8 of the games…

And I’ve spent the last 4 days recovering from the first 4 days. I just don’t have it in me to keep up the Olympic pace for 17 days straight. … Continue reading

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My rant to those drunk on Olympic Hatorade

Ok… I know I’ve obviously caught Olympic fever (just read my last 20 posts)but I’ve noticed a lot of Olympic bellyachers and I have I few questions and comments for … Continue reading

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Fire Big Fire… not

So while I was walking to class last night I noticed the new W2 Community Media Arts building at 112 Hastings. Cool because they have set it up so there … Continue reading

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Make the most of the 2010 Olympic Winter Games

great resource to help you plan the next two weeks and take advantage of all the cool and free stuff going on… Also, I had a sneak peak last night … Continue reading

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5 hours …

Until my sneak peek at the 2010 Olympic Opening Ceremonies : ) Can’t wait.

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Here are few pictures from my last few days in Canggu. The first is after sunset @finnsbeachclub then @desaseni_avillageresort after a sunrise yoga flow class, the view from my patio, and the bike I’ve been trying to explore with but trying to stay out of Canggu rush hour has been tough #bali #canggu #canggubali #finnsbeachclub #sunset
Loving Gili Air the most of all the places I’ve been so far. Pics are of the boat ride over and then my early morning walk pre and post sunrise 🌅 #lovegili #sunrise #baliindonesia
Just finished my first Tantric Hatha yoga class, loved it. Early morning focus on bringing the breath into the naval/belly to help release negative energy 😁 #yoga #canggu #bali #2020tayfa
Woke up at 1am on my Bali Birthday to do the Batur Volcano hike. What a great day. Very steep incline that varied from road, to lava rock, to volcanic clay. We hiked up in the dark so we had no idea how steep some of the drops were until we hiked back down in the daylight! Mt. Batur is an active volcano about 1,770 metres above sea level. Our hike up took about 2 hours. Base camp is about midway up the mountain, so our gain was 900 metres, 13 km. View at the top is of Mt Agung, another active volcano. #mtbatur #volcano #hike #bali #mtagungbali #birthdayfun #thisis50
I’m back in Bali. After a little beach exploration in Kuta, we’re now settled in Ubud for a bit. Hit one of my favorites @clearcafeubud and now ready for morning yoga @theyogabarn followed by a sound healing session at @pyramidsofchi today. Best day ever. #bali #beachwalk #ubud #kuta #soundhealing Yes, those are recycled water bottles made into a Christmas tree.
Hello autumn 🍂 Looks like my nephew loves this season as much as me. #vancouver #fall #autumn #backtoschool #kindergarten #loves