Trying to live life with sandy toes and laughter

happy holidazed…

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You want a piece of me?

So Britney’s new album has been out for a while now. We’ve gone through the stages: Pre- release – My god how could she possibly record anything half decent in … Continue reading

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Cheezy but fun…

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Ever slept solid for 14 hours and woken up unsure if was 5:00 am or pm? Had to look online because all my clocks are analog. I must have been … Continue reading

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Getting out of Dodge…

Going to spend New Year’s and my birthday in Vegas this year. Is it unrealistic to plan a holiday using expected winnings to finance? Don’t answer.

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Shiny pretty things rock

A friend of mine designs these awesome earth inspired necklaces. She does custom stuff too. Here’s a sample to ogle and the link to her site.

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