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Little Girls and The Last Jedi

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Hopscotch 2017

The Vancouver Hopscotch event has been happening for 22 years! Bringing Scotch and beer together for a night of sampling fun. Over the last two decades the event has expanded … Continue reading

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Watch out for adorable little zombies today. ​​ Happy Halloween!

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Goodbye Summer

I can’t believe it’s fall. It feels like September 1st was yesterday. I wrote this list to prove to myself that September actually happened. So, here are a few things … Continue reading

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No more back seat

A lot of firsts for me this past year. The most recent, learning to ride a motorcycle, made dancing on stage in lingerie seem easy.  I’m a pretty cautious person, … Continue reading

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Route 97 Road Trip

I recently did a quick road trip through the Okanagan. Penticton, Summerland, Kelowna, Vernon and Kamloops in 3.5 days. Here’s a little look at some highlights, more to come later… … Continue reading

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Wear Sunscreen

The last tan for Tam.I love the sun. In the last year and a half I’ve been tanning on the beaches of Goa in India, Samana in the Dominican, Cuba, and … Continue reading

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Chasing the sun again

Just returned from an amazing time in Mexico. Congratulations Annie & Steve (and Mia Margarita & Mojito Max). Beautiful wedding and stunning bride and groom. Some other memorable moments: Mia … Continue reading

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Sandtoesha yoga retreat in Samana – post trip update

I’m at my treehouse bungalow, cliffside at El Cabito. At the end of 16 days in the DRs gorgeous province of Samana, I reflect on the 7 days spent with … Continue reading

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Love exploring all the funky cafes in Bali. I was worried that with a nut 🥜 allergy in Indonesia my food options would be limited. Not at all. Flip through the slideshow for some of my favourite dishes so far. . . . #food #bali #indonesia #ubud #seminyak #canggu #peanutallergy #balifood the last pic is of my breakfast at #anggahomestay . . Thanks @josieinbc and @localwanderer for the tips!
One of the many offerings to the spirits that you'll find all over Ubud. Balinese women are mostly in charge of making the offerings, and it's interesting to watch them move about the city with different offerings and rituals for the alters. . No alters were disturbed in capturing this picture.This one was on my table at my favourite Ubud restaurant The Clear Cafe. . . . . #bali #ubud #indonesia #offerings #clearcafeubud #devotion #canang
Came back from lunch to find this beautiful young girl taking pictures in front of my door. She was celebrating her graduation from kindergarten today with a dance performance. . . . #bali #ubud #indonesia #graduationday🎓 #dance #posegamestrong #travel
It was a long journey to the Tegelalang Rice Terraces this morning. . Lesson learned, double check google maps. I haven't adjusted to the time difference yet so I'm usually up at 4am. This morning i decided to take advantage and venture out to the #tegelalangriceterrace for the morning light. . I booked a Grab bike (basically Uber for motorbikes) and we headed out. Drove for an hour or so and then it started raining. We were in the middle of nowhere when my driver pulled over and says "here we are". . I showed him a pic of the rice terraces. We had a laugh, and then headed back for another hour and a half to the intended destination. Surprise countryside tours are the best. . . #bali #indonesia #lost #wander #lostbutnotlost #travel #explore
The Yoga Barn in Ubud is huge. So many different places to practice all set in the jungle. Reminds me of my past jungle retreats in Costa Rica and Samana. . Just did a meditation class with crystal bowls. Totally felt out of body, but then I realized I was having an allergic reaction to the essential oils the teacher put on my third eye. No epi-pen needed but I had a lovely inflamed circle on my forehead for the rest of the day. . Looking forward to trying more of the sound healing meditations. Next up, Gong Bath and then Tibetan bowls (sans the oil). . . #yoga #jungle #ubud #indonesia #bali #alergies #yogabarn #meditation #ubudbali #namaste
So many monkeys 🐒 and gorgeous trees and temples. And then there's that one moment I'd like to unsee #monkeybusiness No I did not film it. . . . #monkey #ubud #bali #trees #indonesia #ubudbali #ubudmonkeyforest