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My Life of Pi Moment…

I was teaching my dance class Saturday afternoon. The studio is on East Hastings so once and a while we get a random walk in (sometimes it’s a homeless person, addict or a curious passerby). So I’m teaching and I see out of the corner of my eye, someone had come in the door. I look and it’s this old man with a walker. I have no idea how he got through the front door with the walker, he could only move it about 5 inches at a time. I can’t really stop teaching in the middle of class so I think ‘fine, he can watch class if he wants’. But he keeps on moving, 5 inches – shuffle shuffle, 5 inches – shuffle shuffle. I assume that he just needs to get closer to see. He keeps on coming. He’s getting dangerously close to centre of the room when… (this is where the Pi version starts) He throws the walker to the side and starts salsa dancing with Kristina! My heart still smiles when I picture it. (Reality version) he wanted to use the washroom… no dancing.

So not really Life of Pi in that there was no big lesson about people and life, but sometimes even just rewriting life’s stories a little makes the heart smile 🙂

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