Trying to live life with sandy toes and laughter

Day one in the new apartment…

Day one was busy, Started by teaching my yoga class, rushing to pick up the moving truck (driving a big truck is fun!) and then the move. Once all was … Continue reading

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FYI – the world is overpopulated

and it’s killing the earth. Everyone is trying to find Eco friendly solutions but the bottom line is there are just too many people for the earth to handle. Sure… … Continue reading

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Capoeira and houseplants

I can tell my family and friends think Capoeira is a bit militant and obsessive. Mostly because they call it a cult and tell me it’s militant and obsessive. But … Continue reading

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finding the best match boils down to being decisive…

So a Friend of mine sent me this brilliant article written by Mark Gemein. It’s long but worth the read… he uses economics and game theory to explain where all … Continue reading

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