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Favourite worst quote of the day…

So I’m walking towards the shuttle bus at the Phoenix airport. The driver sees me, grabs my bag, looks at my Starbucks (yes, I’m always carrying a Starbucks… it’s an … Continue reading

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Morning madness…

So today I decided to drive to the skytrain since I’m going to a late capoeira class and it’d be nice to have my car. Damn it was a process: … Continue reading

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North to Alaska…

Yes, the only picture I took on my trip to Alaska was from the plane. It was a short trip, I was there for work, and there’s not a lot … Continue reading

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Who’s that smell…

The popular game I know we’ve all played. On an elevator, a bus, or anywhere people gather in large clumps. ‘Who’s that smell’ isn’t a fun game… it’s a game … Continue reading

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Happy New Year Re-do

Ok, so I may have forgotten to make my resolutions on New Year’s this year. I’m not saying I don’t have a lot to ‘change’, I was just too distracted … Continue reading

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Vegas for New Year’s 2007 to 2008…

Vegas is a crazy world. Seems like everything is done in excess which is great. It makes the little indulgence I do seem like nothing compared to what the rest … Continue reading

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