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Grasshopper sunrise…

So day 7 in the Jungle and I wake up at 5am to a tick tick sound in my ear. At first I thought it was a rain leak… But it wasn’t raining. So I grab my touchpad and glow it towards my nightstand and there’s this huge grasshopper on my iphone eating the plastic cover. I set him free (actually my room mate did). So I was up. Decided to move to the hammocks and watch the sunrise. It was gorgeous – thx grasshopper. Took a video and a bunch of pics. Funny because just as I snapped the last pic of this statue I heard a thump, thump. I look down and these two grasshoppers landed at my feet and just wouldn’t stop chirping? I wonder if there’s any significance to thAt? One of my fellow yogis said it means I need to take a big leap…

One comment on “Grasshopper sunrise…

  1. Unknown
    September 12, 2011

    More storis! It sounds like you are in the land that time forgot. Hopefully you are having a great adventure.


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