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Day 5 of the Pura Vida adventure…

So the training schedule is pretty busy – 4 days on with one day off and our our days on are pretty full. 7:00 am yoga, 8:30 Breakfast, 10:00 class until dinner and then Satsang at 7ish. Not that I’m complaining… everything is gorgeous at Anamaya Retreat centre and the classes are awesome. So many new people and information, the idea of taking off with my buddy Amanda to snorkel and tan sounded great. We set off in the morning for Tortuga Island. Tried my hand at snorkeling. Saw some gorgeous fish and a baby tarantula on the way back in the boat. It was a great day… good convo, some beach time, music and fresh seafood for lunch but the BEST part – the whales. We saw some on the way to the island but they were not that interested in us when we stopped. The way back was another story. there were 3 sets of mothers with baby whales. The babies would jump up and do flips and I swear they were doing it for us. It seemed like they could feel our excitement when they did something big. Once and a while a mother would dive up like a dancer ending by showing us her huge tail. Very cool. Could have stayed there forever.

One comment on “Day 5 of the Pura Vida adventure…

  1. Tammy
    October 5, 2011

    Yes… I'm officially back from my trip and just posting my updates now… I didn't have the time I thought I would while I was away 🙂


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