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Day one of my Pura Vida Adventure…

I’m here in Costa Rica. Staying in a hostel by the airport and then catching a flight out to Tambor in the morning. It almost didnt happen! Barely caught my last connection to Costa Rica. An older women (not me) was mixed up and got on the wrong plane in Dallas. She didnt clue in until we were on the runway. We had to go back and let her off… An hour later we took off so I ended up with a fun sprint through Miami airport. Made it ok with enough time to pick up a Starbucks. While I was in line I caught a couple trying to discretely take a picture of my outfit. I’m going to assume because she liked my pants but perhaps she hated them? Random observation #1: of all the airports I spent time in today Miami had the hottest people. Random observation #2: still had on my marketing/branding hat today and noticed that the eagle on the American Airlines logo is inconsistent. In some places it faces left and others right. Embarrassed to admit it but it bugged me so much that I had to invent a reason as to why it varies – I’m thinking that the eagle needs to always face the direction the plane is flying which is why the eagle on the inside wing is flipped?

One comment on “Day one of my Pura Vida Adventure…

  1. Special K
    September 3, 2011

    Miami is full of beautiful people. I need to dance there.


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