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birthday advice…

ME: for sure although you’ll find that after you hit 30, you keep celebrating your 30th each year and then after 40 you count backward

Looming 30th: haha i’d prefer to keep my age to 29… so i can keep saying i’m in my 20s

ME: yup i had a hard time changing to 30 too at 11:45 the night before my birthday I made my friends put watches back so I could have another hour

Looming 30th: cute but futile

Me: it was real panic, my first ever panic attack

Looming 30th: really, that bad?

Me: yup

Looming 30th: why?

ME: i dunno just a big jump in perception I guess and I had just left the bar on the beach in mexico after totally clicking with a guy that was like 23, didnt want to be 30 just yet. Me and my buddies were chilling on the beach and I made them set watches back

Looming 30th: in a big way i’m dreading it too. but shallow, bc it’s the age perception.

Me: ya.. it will be tough some people are fine… i’ve always been funny with birthdays… got depressed when I turned 10. seriously. double digits, and sounded like I had to grow up. no more barbies and mud pies.

Looming 30th: that’s a bit odd

Happy Birthday all you folks born in the Summer months 🙂

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