Trying to live life with sandy toes and laughter


So I was in a meditation class and we were focusing on the chakras. The teacher asked us to radiate love and energy outward from the heart chakra. It was very cool. I mean we’ve all felt that heart energy before, but I had never tried to radiate it outward at will. Was very powerful. So it got me thinking. We really do make a choice in what we do with what we feel. Radiate it out or encase it inward. this is really obvious when you get on an elevator. Everyone seems to suck their personal energy inward… trying not to invade the energy of others around them. But then sometimes you get someone who just doesn’t care. They see you. They acknowledge and share their energy. No polite inward elevator etiquette. Try it one time. Open your energy up when you get on a crowded elevator instead of drawing inward. So I digress. This all got me thinking about how I am. I have always felt things deep (see sensitive post) but have learnt to take the emotions and energy inward to dull them. In a perfect world that emotion and energy is all positive So no big. But we don’t live in a perfect world (not sure I’d want to). So when $h!t happens, the energy you hold inward theoretically could be pretty toxic with chronic health side effects? So maybe approaching life without a filter is a step in living a healthy life. We all know someone like that. If you look good they tell you. If you look tired they tell you. But in an honest (not laced in toxic malice) kind of way.


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