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Aunty Loves You

Her whole world, to this point, has unfolded in her mind. When she first opens her eyes, she’s overwhelmed with the newness, confused. So she retreats to her safe place. … Continue reading

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birthday advice…

ME: for sure although you’ll find that after you hit 30, you keep celebrating your 30th each year and then after 40 you count backward Looming 30th: haha i’d prefer to … Continue reading

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Free Birthday Stuff

So last year I went all out for my Birthday. Went to Miami and had a great time but because the day falls during the most expensive travel time of … Continue reading

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So I’m all booked to celebrate my birthday and NYE in Miami : )That should help ease the sting right?

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Screw Celebrating Birthdays!

OK, I’ve decided to forget celebrating Birthdays. From now until December 30th of this year (the day I was born) I’m going to celebrate every day that is NOT my … Continue reading

August 13, 2009 · 1 Comment

8 more hours…

So this is my annual freak-out post because it’s almost the day I have to get older. Really, I’m going to just hold at 34. And all I want for … Continue reading

December 30, 2008 · 1 Comment

Vegas for New Year’s 2007 to 2008…

Vegas is a crazy world. Seems like everything is done in excess which is great. It makes the little indulgence I do seem like nothing compared to what the rest … Continue reading

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Getting out of Dodge…

Going to spend New Year’s and my birthday in Vegas this year. Is it unrealistic to plan a holiday using expected winnings to finance? Don’t answer.

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pause please.

Why is it that we don’t (or i don’t) realize how young we are until we get older? Last year, like every other year, I had a hard time turning … Continue reading

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