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Anamaya Nostalgia

Wow I can’t believe one year ago I was eagerly awaiting my Anamaya trip and I didn’t know any of my yogi tribe! I’d love to commemorate the experience with an annual Anamaya trip but that’s not in the budget cards this year. I do feel like I really need to re-connect with the energy of that trip and try to re-establish some of the good habits that have since slipped away. So I resolve to live like I’m at Anamaya for the month of September (with some of my yogi tribe joining me around the world)… [] daily yoga [] daily meditation [] daily reading of yoga sutras etc. [] journal everyday [] float in a saltwater pool and stare at the ocean – weather permitting [] eat clean – need to find a grocer that carries yucca! Namaste all ♥ 

One comment on “Anamaya Nostalgia

  1. Tammy
    August 22, 2012

    Also one year ago this time I chopped off my hair for the trip… might be time to go super pixie short this time 😉


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