Trying to live life with sandy toes and laughter

Unhealthy weight loss…

Breakups are the fastest (albeit unhealthy) way for me to lose weight. I don’t get it though. I gained some weight about 8 months ago when I had to seriously reduce my exercise routine due to injuries. I’ve done week long cleanses to bring it back down where I’m on liquids for days and I still only lose a few pounds. Broke up two days ago and I’m already down 4 lbs? And I’ve been eating… I force myself to because I’m hypoglycemic and know it’s bad news if i don’t. Maybe that’s it, my body just responds better to small snacks all day rather than big meals? Or could be stress? oh well, perhaps I’ll wait a few days for the last 4lbs before I pull out the maha mrityunjaya mantra.

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