Trying to live life with sandy toes and laughter

Loving Yoga Barre…

So my shoulder was messed up. Restorative yoga classes really helped release the facia and I was able to gain mobility of the arm again, but lost all the stability and strength in my shoulder. Well I started adding the Chopra Yoga Centre lunchtime Yoga Barre class to my routine of Restorative and Yin classes and the strength is coming back!!! Something about ballet movements. I think my body remembers being ‘prompted’ by my dance teachers James, Lane and Florence back in the day to stand straight, shoulders back, neck in and tall, abs on… add light weights to the mix and it’s perfect shoulder re-hab for me. Who needs physio!! Well ok, I do, but I’m not covered on my work plan so this is the next best thing… and they there’s a sauna and tea 😉

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