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Around the world part 8 – London England Countryside

We arrived in London and after a comedy of errors with our taxi driver (he forgot where he parked his car). We had a catch up with my Yogi tribe mate Amanda, a quick snooze and then off to explore the countryside.

First stop was the cute little town of Shere where the movie ‘the holiday’ was filmed.

 Traditional English pub food for lunch. Amanda and her friend Nielson were great fun, and we picked up a few new English phrases to take home:

  • Bloody marvelous
  • Dipsomaniac (alcoholic)
  • Yoga kit (yoga wear)

 Next was a walk by a winery and pond. Then a short drive to pick up a hot chocolate and check out the rolling countryside views.

 We then drove to Cranleigh in Surrey for the Guy Fawkes celebration. Wow it was something… We started out by checking out the mini fair, waddled through the proper English mud puddles then the fun house. Attempted to win some prizes (5 attempts, one lion).

We then hit another pub and waited for the precession. We all expected a parade. Nope. This nov 5th celebration is all about a fouled attempt to blow up the British parliament. So essentially the precession consisted of villagers with real torches who walk though town to this area where they have all these stuffed people on top a pile of wood. They are meant to represent Guy Fawkles and his team. The mob then starts to throw the torches into the pile starting a huge bonfire. It was surreal.

 This last photo courtesy of Nielsen (master of the selfie group shot).  After the fire, we watched some great fireworks.

An awesome first day in England.

Next stop is a day in London city.

One comment on “Around the world part 8 – London England Countryside

  1. Joan Gagne
    November 9, 2015

    Great pictures! You guys have really had a great holiday packed with new and exciting places and people, you will really be happy to have that first class plane ride home😴😍

    Liked by 1 person

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