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Around the world in 22 days part 5 – India (Goa Ashvem beach)

Ashvem beach is beautiful. Our hotel Rococco is right on a little reef overlooking the sea with gorgeous sandy beaches on either side. The reef is really jagged and looks like lava rock. Feels a little moonlike.
I felt just how sharp the reef is on our first day when we were playing in the waves on the sandy beach and there was a bit of reef hidden under the water. Man it dug into my heal good. But hey, Mike got to use his uber prepared first aid kit 🙂

The shore is perfect for long walks and the waves are big enough to be fun but not too much undertow to scare you.    

We took advantage of the waves for a surf day. So much fun. Our instructor Nick from Banana Surf was great. He had us standing up by our third wave.


 It felt way cooler than I look…    
We found a great little shack that had a mint lime drink that we became addicted to. Added a little gin to our juice and it was perfect.

We also learned the mosquito lesson the hard way. We were having dinner around 6 each night but that’s the prime mosquito time. Turns out they are gone if you wait until 7 to go out. Hope my malaria pills do their job.

Oh and when the tide was out I found the reef rock that did the damage to my foot. I wont post the bloody carnage shot though.

Just outside our deck I found a perfect perch for a little yoga and meditation.

Next post Agonda beach in Goa for our yoga retreat…


2 comments on “Around the world in 22 days part 5 – India (Goa Ashvem beach)

  1. Joan Gagne
    November 4, 2015

    You both look great, nice pictures. Your surf instructor kind of looks like Brad Pitt😏😛Hope your foot is ok.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. nikkiglahn
    November 4, 2015

    Amazing adventures…thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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