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Around the world part 4 – India (goa Calagunte beach)

After an overnight layover in Hyderabad we arrived in Goa. It’s so warm here. We settled in at a cute hotel (hotel Seagul) in Calagunte for a few nights. Calagunte can be busy… Lots of traffic and random cows but the street our hotel is on was nice and quiet. Lots of little shops and right down from the beach.

The beach had a ton of shacks to chill out and drink by the Arabian Sea. So that’s what we did in Calagunte. Here are some chill pov’s

Cows everywhere…


Most of the dogs we saw were well taken care of and would play and chill. This one parked under my lounger and dug himself a cool hole in the sand.


Found a great hotel- ‘The Park’ where we hung out by the pool.


The sand was so fine and soft on the feet.

Our hotel… Lots of Portuguese influence here.
Looking forward to our next stop for a little more quiet and some surf in Ashvem…

One comment on “Around the world part 4 – India (goa Calagunte beach)

  1. Joan gagne
    November 3, 2015

    Fun in the sun, can’t ask for any more, looks like you guys are enjoying yourselves.

    Liked by 1 person

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