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Day 9 – Whole30 (Tiger Blood)

We made it to day 9 of the Whole30 and it really has not been that bad. BF has been cooking up some great meals with a lot of variety… I’m actually preferring his meals to eating out at my favourite restaurants

So the Bad: DAY 3-4 was insane. I’m a sensitive person and everything was 10-fold heightened these days. Day 4 I felt like I was in the Wacky Wednesday Dr. Seuss book – morning started with a toe stub, then I choked on the steak in my egg scramble  (BF saved the day with his version of the Heimlich). Then had a garage sale and made $2. Looking back, at the time seemed way worse than it was. There were tears and I was missing comfort treats like beer and wine and scotch and French fries but I resisted.

The GOOD: Around day 7 I think I started to really feel on the up side of things. Allergies started clearing up (I can breathe through my nose again). My head is clearer – I have had a noticeable change in my ability to formulate and explain my thoughts verbally (something that used to frustrate me). I feel Happy, on a bit of a high (maybe this is the Tiger Blood Whole30ers speak of?). No Migraines or vertigo to speak of. So much more energy to work out and energy to push out the sensitivity and negative thoughts. If this lasts I may not want to stop the Whole30.

Here’s some pictures of some of my favourite meals so far. For more of our meals check out


photo 1photo 2


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