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Don’t freak out ;)

I changed the name of my blog…

I originally named the url for this blog ‘Imperial Dreams’ after my first 2004 trip to Costa Rica when I was dreaming of returning and siping a yummy Imperial Beer in a hammock in Jaco, on the beach in Tamarindo, in the mountains of Monteverde, in the jungles in Montezuma, and even in my hostel in San Jose. The heading was Lame Thoughts, because I started out just posting my spin on the random funny(ish) things I experienced.

I did return in 2011 for a month in the Jungles of Montezuma and knew that I wanted to be back… more permanently. I was 100% certain. I even hesitated writing in my blog because I felt different. I was still Tammy who put a funny spin on daily life experiences, but now there was also this other side to me that wanted to share ‘out-there hippy, connected to nature and the world’ stuff. Just didn’t feel like ‘Lame thoughts’ covered it all.

When I returned home my goal was still there… but my resolve tapered away. Got caught up in the world and living. I don’t  know if I will live in Costa Rica, but I do still want to live a different life, more connected to my yoga practice and nature… but still me with my dance, marketing and tourism passions. I don’t know the path there yet. One shift in conscious at a time I guess? Evolving the name from ‘Lame thoughts’ to ‘Imperial Dreams’ is today’s shift…

Might have to go bigger soon : )

One comment on “Don’t freak out ;)

  1. Tammy
    April 17, 2013

    I also keep experimenting with new design templates but keep coming back to this old 2004 design. I just like it. Doesn't have the added functionality of the new templates, but in this case I am on board with retro 🙂


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