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I’m begining to think the MOV is pretty cool.

My museum musings are usually reserved for my away from home travels, but working in the tourism industry and participating in the Tourism Challenge I’ve had the opportunity to explore some of our local attractions and have been pleasantly surprised. So one of two things may be happening here. The Museum of Vancouver really has some cool exhibits that delve into vancouver’s quirky historical style influences… or I’ve now entered into that age where museum exhibits are cool. You tell me. Last year they had the FLuevog exhibit. I love my Vog boots and I remember back in the 80’s when Fluevogs were used to describe a Vancouver Goth/punk/nonconforming person. I remember explaining a guy I dated to my friends as ‘he wears Vogs’ and they knew exactly what it meant. So the exhibit last year was a fun walk through time. His shoes are art. This year there were a couple of fun exhibits as well. The first one consists of a bunch of the salvaged neon signs that used to be in Vancouver along with the cities Neon history. It was a quiet time when I went so was able to stand in the middle of the room full of signs listening to the electric hum. Pretty cool.

and then there was the fashions through the ages exhibit. Beautiful gowns that I’d totally wear now if I had the occasion. Funny, I seemed to always gravitate to the 30’s ‘tea dresses’. What kind of tea’s did these ladies do in the 30’s? Here’s a sample of one. I was going to Photoshop a Starbucks Venti Tea Misto into her hand, but then I remembered I have no Photoshop skillz.

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