Trying to live life with sandy toes and laughter

Momentary Spidey Powers

I think it’s now an accepted fact by most people that know me that I fall a lot. I think 10% of all my blog posts involve me hitting the pavement. 11%. This morning I took a little jaunt into the parking garage to drop off some recycling when mid walk I find this fella hanging about an inch from my face. This is where my Spidey powers, or reaction to spidey powers kicked in. I flew back in a way that I didn’t think possible. I had stepped pretty much right underneath the spider and mid stride as my face moved towards him I just sprang myself backward so I was vertical to the cement floor. Landed on my ass at least 8 feet away? Injured shoulder is not happy and neither is my left buttock. How did I even get that much velocity?

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