Trying to live life with sandy toes and laughter

" doin ok?" sounds a lot like "do you know Kay?"…

So my shoulder has been royally messed up and recent Physio IMS treatments have made it worse to the point that I can no longer put weight on it without feeling like it’s going to painfully slide right out of the socket. Hard to believe that only 3 short months ago i was easily zipping through endless chaturangas at my 200hr yoga teacher retreat. My bad shoulder means I have not been able to take advantage of my new yoga membership at Chopra Yoga Studio… Eager to get into the studio, I decided to try out a restorative class – no Down dog or vinyasa so shoulder should not be an issue. The class was awesome! By the end I was amazed my shoulder felt pretty good and I was so relaxed. So… Getting to the title of this post, I’m putting my stuff away at the end of the class and still in my post relaxation fog… The instructor was checking in with students to see how each of them were doing. When he got to me and said “doin ok?” I heard “do you know Kay?” to which I responded with a confused no, to which he responded with a surprised really? We both looked confused… I say “who’s Kay?’ he looks more confused… We did finally figure it out and get on the same page… Time to get my ears checked : )

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