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Capoeira, Samba, Vegas, and Yoga Teacher Training

Well once again it’s been a month since I posted. March was pretty busy for me, here’s a quick summary:

I’ve been teaching a lot of Zumba classes and loving it. Not sure why I waited so long to try Zumba but it’s the perfect way for me to get my dancing/performing/showing off fix without having to be the cougar in the club : )

I’m finally back to train capoeira on a somewhat regular basis. The back and arm are never going to be 100% but I’m just glad I’m somewhat mobile again.

Did a trip to Victoria to catch ‘Club Samba’ a great night of dancing and music by Axe Capoeira Victoria.

I went on a week tour through Alberta performing capoeira and dance at various schools. While this trip was 60% driving, 35% performances and 5% sleeping we still had a great time. We almost died trying to drive with bald tires through the snowy coquihalla and once more up in Northern BC. Stayed with some great people in Hines Creek and and I think it was Worsley where we stayed on a cattle ranch? Lots of fun – reminded me of drum corp days back in the day but without the chaperones.

Also got to watch my instructor Lelo MMA (Battlefield) fight in Nanaimo. It was great, there were a bunch of us there to support and he represented Capoeira big time. He won against the local Muay Thai champ who was pretty good too. It was a good battle.

And lastly found out that I have a deviated septum. I can’t believe after all these years of sinus infections, migraines and the whole lack of O2 when I exercise I finally have an answer and a fix to the problem. It’ll probably be another 6 months or so before I get the surgery and not looking forward to the recovery, but breathing… how cool will that be!

Oh and I’m very close to booking a yoga teacher training retreat for September. I had narrowed it down to Anamaya, Yoga Huatulco, Yandara, and Maya Tulum. Anamaya was my first choice, it’s a smaller group than the big resort training, experienced and well rounded teacher, food sounds good (and it’s more than just vegetarian), but I think what really appealed to me was the location. My trip to Costa Rica in 2005 inspired the name for this blog and I remember having one of the most content moments of my life sitting on a hammock on Jaco beach looking out at the Ocean towards Montezuma (which is where the Anamaya resort is). Just seems right but damn I’m going to be poor for some time to pay for it. Hopefully I can count it as training expense on my taxes?

And on my way to Vegas again (I swear this is the last time) with Michiyo in two days. Plan on logging some pool time (weather permitting) and some show time (Lion King and maybe a Circ show). No wonder I’m broke, maybe I’ll win big while I’m away : )

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