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Raw Canvas

A bunch of us purchased the Raw Canvas Groupon and had a blast there. Well worth the trek through a snowstorm (thanks to my friends in the burbs with their big trucks the trek wasn’t too difficult)!

For those of you that haven’t heard of Raw Canvas it’s in Yaletown and offers a unique 2 part experience, food and wine/drink to start and then painting. So the night was great. My main motivation was in the painting (love painting and really love the idea that I don’t have to clean up afterwards), but I was pleasantly surprised by the ‘tasting plate’ we got with our groupon.

You choose a combo of three meats and cheeses and then three condiments (jellies, mustard, olives, tomatoes, etc). I had no idea so just randomly picked and the combo was great. We washed it down with some wine and then headed into the painting pit to search out out inner artist. I ended up painting my mum’s dog : )

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