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Single on Valentines day?

Ok so yes Valentine’s day is a commercial holiday, but single or not it’s hard to avoid it’s influence. Whether it’s what will I get for ‘so and so’, what will ‘so and so’ think to get me, or where do I find a ‘so and so’ so I don’t feel left out of the fun?

Here are a few things going on about town these days to help you find your special ‘so and so’. Or better yet just to have a little flirt fun, because isn’t that one of the joys of being single… unfiltered, guiltless, flirting freedom ; )

The Blenz Red Band – So Blenz has this new campaign going on where single folk use a special red drink sleeve for their cups. the idea is that other singles will spot the red sleeve on your cup and know you are available. You can even check off if you are looking for friendship, casual, dating or a relationship, and there’s a place for your name and number too. So if you’re like me and seem to only be able to muster the confidence for eye contact… maybe a bold dropping off of your cup (with your deets) on his table and then bolting (before you turn ten shades of red) is an option?

POF party – Good old Plenty of fish. They are having a mingler at the Fairmont on the 14th. I don’t like online dating because you have to invest time with someone before you even know if there’s chemistry, and more often than not there isn’t. So with this event the new school world of online dating meets the old school tradition of putting a bunch of singles in a room to see who clicks. – If you go to school, or spend time on campus this site is great. When you see that cute guy or girl in the library/coffee shop/etc, you can say something safely on the campus feed. Low risk here. They see it and respond, or they don’t and you assume that they just didn’t see it ; )

anyone know of anything else going on?

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