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Free Birthday Stuff

So last year I went all out for my Birthday. Went to Miami and had a great time but because the day falls during the most expensive travel time of the year (day before new year’s eve) the 5 day trip cost me an arm and a leg. So worth it though.

IT’s approaching again and while I’d love to get out of dodge/VanCity again this year, I really would rather spend my travel money later in the new year so I can go on a longer trip farther away. Plus my strata decided to hit me with some hefty increases, retro active coming out in Dec (Merry Christmas). So every day I resist the urge to just book a trip. I feel like a bit of an addict in need of Doctor Drew.

Perhaps I should do the opposite of last year’s indulgence birthday – find all the free stuff you can do on your birthday:

Free Starbucks to start the day
Denny’s for free breakfast
Free Sephora gift
I think you can get into a free movie at Tinsletown or rent from Rogers
Free deserts at Milestones, Brown’s, Boston Pizza, Red Robin, White Spot
Free Blenz to wash it all down
Free meal at the old spaghetti factory

This is me around this same time just before my very first birthday. I can tell I’m contemplating my birthday options here too as I smize for the camera in my energizer bunny fur?

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