Trying to live life with sandy toes and laughter

I went to Quiznos and fall down go boom….

Ok… so my finger is splinted now so rather than try to type out the story I’m just going to cut and paste from my facebook convo:

Tammy– just bailed bad at Quiznos… face, knees and finger are hurting but my food and drink are fine…

Annie – Oh dear, you ok! Well at least you weren’t texting, eating and walking this time.

Tammy – Ya this one wasn’t my fault for once. Not ok… going to go get some ice packs now (smashed my knee and hand really hard) but at least nothing broke. I think i’m in trouble once i’m old with the amount of bailing I do.

Annie – Aww, did you trip on something? I can refer you to a personal injury lawyer 🙂

Tammy my heel slid on the linoleum about 3ft and then I bailed when I hit the carpet…

Nikki – I’m sure your bail was done with ‘style’ Tam!!!

Tammy – Not sure if I’d call it style but I did turn to see the whole restaurant staring in silent shock. I did a royal wave and said “as you were, continue eating”. They laughed… And I limped away

Nikki – ‎:-) well you brought smiles to many today. They are probably blogging/fbing about it right now….

Kathy – So, we’re going there for lunch tomorrow – right? I’ll swing by your office around 11:45.

Tammy – Fractured and splinted finger… that should get me a free diet coke?

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