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Gastown Shop Hop

I can’t believe that I hadn’t heard of this before. It happens a couple times a year in Gastown, the shop owners stay open late and serve special treats (truffles, prosciutto, champagne, Carmel popcorn, cupcakes). Some stores even had stations where professionals would touch up your make-up. I checked it out last week and had a blast.

A friend recently pointed out that I’ve been doing a lot of shopping lately and he was right, so to make the experience fun without going into a spending high craze with the ensuing crash I devised a little plan. A simple plan, for each boutique we went into we each had to find one thing that we loved and thought was our style. So instead of going through and just saying I love this, and this , and this etc. some thought had to go into which item in the store was ‘the’ item. Price was not a factor as we were not necessarily purchasing the winner. It turned out that taking the time to find the single item that stood out and fit your style was almost as much fun as a spending spree. Kind of fun to predict what the rest of my party would choose as their item too.

Some of my favourite things:
The pink and grey boots from John Fluevogs
Green print dress from Rick Yuenn (actually that one was Annie’s)
Gentille Alouette – Blue Dress (my one purchase of the night)
Ishara – also a Blue Dress
Obakki – Grey dress
Nika – For the smallest store I had the hardest time picking only one thing… narrowed it down to three pairs of boots.
Lot’s more but it was a week ago so those are the one’s that stuck in my mind.

We also had a little fun surprise in seeing Captain Kirk. After all of the champagne we needed to make a bathroom stop and ducked into this cute little lounge called McLean’s… on our way out I noticed this good looking man in a booth. Once outside Kristina informed me that it was Kirk McLean (I’m not great at recognizing hockey players… someday I’ll blog the embarrassing Bret Hedican story ; )

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