Trying to live life with sandy toes and laughter

I missed October

I always try to at least post once per month but October just disappeared…

Halloween was fun… we decided to be low key this year. Dressed as cat burglars, rented a room at the Wall Ctr (not a fan of trying to find a cab on Halloween) went for din at Goldfish (yummm) and then just hit a few lounges. Some memorable moments:

Pulling out the ‘heist plans’ at the restaurant and letting them know ‘we’ll be back later’. Maybe that’s why they bought us a round of shooters (get them drunk so they won’t have the wits to rob us?).

The Zoolander Table

Pauly D

The Japanese Tour Group

Sneaking/tip toeing by the cops on Granville with our bags of money.

That cute guy that kept trying to de-mask me ; )

The women dressed up as a continuous chicken wing eater.

Doing shooters every time we saw a Snooki.

Elena’s stellar props – the money bag purses, ‘heist plans’, dynamite…

here are a few pics…

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