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Girls Road Trip to Penticton – Tourist in BC adventure # 3!

This past weekend my friend Shawna and I (and our Olympic mascot dates) took a road trip to Penticton for our friend Nick’s Wedding. We know Nick from ‘back in the Delta days’ and all the old faces were there… I forgot how much fun the old Delta crew can be. Nick’s a great guy and the wedding was awesome – he found a great girl. But i get ahead of myself – THE ROAD TRIP rocked ;}

I took a lot of pictures but once I started to edit I realised they were all of the Olympic Mascots Miga (me) Quatchi (Shawna) and Sumi (Carmen – she joined us in Penticton).

So the road trip starts with a little gassing up. Check out the Wheels… Shawna borrowed Gordy’s 2004 convertible Thunderbird and we did it up Thelma and Louise style, minus the cliff. Also minus Brad Pitt although we did leave him a key at the front desk just in case he popped by.

Can’t get too far without the Starbuck’s

Shawna and Quatchi singing to our old school Beastie Boys tunes.

Me trying to look cool

Trees, trees, trees.

Yoga Break at Manning Park… lots of Black bears in the area but I think the Sasquatch kept them away.

more trees…

Fruit break in Keremeos

Had to stop for some ice cream

And we arrive at Lakeside Resort in Penticton – so many old memories in this town. Peachfest as a teen, lawn bowling croquet parties as an adult (Yickes I almost misspelled croquet – would have gotten some sketchy visits to the blog).

We meet up with Carm and the crew for Bevvies on the lakeside patio.

And after a long day and night we settle in.
The next day was hot! The wedding was on a pier in Naramata… the boys looked dapper in the suits (see you can clean them up) and the bride was gorgeous.

We ended up taking the coquihalla back, my first time on it now that the toll boths are gone – woohoo $10 richer.

On the way to Merritt you really start to see the damage the pine beetle has done to our gorgeous trees : ( Hopefully we had a cold enough winter this time to get rid of those nasties. I was pretty sad looking at the damage. Shawna is an Interior Designer and she eased my concern by letting me know that they are actually using the trees. They end up with this different blue tinge and are being used for flooring, building houses and making some unique furniture. I found some pics…

So it was a great trip. I got to spend some time in BC beyond the city. I used to do that a lot of but haven’t in the last ten years with all my ‘other’ travel. Caught up with some old friends – it was great to see everyone has matured but still know how to have fun! And got to see a great guy commit to a great girl – it was one of those weddings where even though I didn’t know the bride well, I could tell they are a happy couple.

Next Tourist in BC Adventure – Victoria…

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