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So you think you can dance top 10…

So we are half way through So You Think You Can Dance. I haven’t had the time to watch religiously but have been able to catch up with all the re-runs. Last night the final 12 were cut to the final 10 and I still don’t have one favourite. So far this year all the dancers are impresive in thier own way and the choreography is fantastic. The show has really become an avenue for great choreographers to showcase and try to outdo themselves and eachother. That’s just making everyone look good.

So my most memorable performances and choreography from last night:

The Thief routineDancers Jeanette and Brandon, choreographer Wade Robson. They really entertained with this one. The movements were crisp and unique from eachother. It was so memorable days later I can still hear the music in my head. Recieved a few looks at the office while I slueth down the halls trying to emulate the moves to the music in my head.

The Addiction numberDancers Kayla and Kupono, choreographer Mia Michaels. This one was great as expected. A couple of the other male dancers may have more technical clarity in thier movements but no other male dancer on the show could have pulled off the performance kupono did. Kayla of couse was great as well – they are a perfect partnership.

The Tango Dancers Jeanette and Brandon, choreographers Miriam Larici and Leonardo Barrionuevo. So I rarley have a ballroom routine stick in my mind as one of my favourites. they are usually great but this one was beyond. The footwork was fast and crisp and they had the perfect amount of expression – they didn’t over cheese it. Great dancers with stellar choreography on this one.

So it looks like there’s some dancers that keep turning up in my fav dances. Half way through I’ll finally commit that my favourite dancers this season are:


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