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I bent the needle…

So, I’ve been continuing with my physio/accutorture. It’s still painful, but it works. At least in helping me gain mobility in my back… and that helps me stay active – my ultimate goal. I plan to be fit and active until the day I die. Dancing is pure joy for me so off to torture I go to make sure I can groove-it into retirement when the time comes. Anyway, today as physio-doc was sticking a needle in my back the muscle twitched (which is what the aggravated muscles do when you stick needles in them). This twitch was a little more than norm and turns out my back is pretty strong because it bent the needle in half. Painful… yes. But it got immediate results and my back feels awesome now : D

UPDATE – two days later and I don’t feel so awesome, whatever he did re-aggravated the old injury : (

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