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Vodka slows aging…

In cut flowers. Seriously, a little vodka in the water works as a preservative, interfering with the plants ripening process. So, they last longer and look fresher. Hmmmm… I know what your thinking. I’ll start the research/experiments and let you know the ‘vodka effect’ on people.

3 comments on “Vodka slows aging…

  1. Christopher
    June 11, 2008

    Tammy, I was linked to your blog from Andrea Bellamy’s blog Heavy Petal. There is a picture of a Houseboat garden on the sunshine coast. Could you give me any details on where that was or if you know anything else about it? I’m planning to build my own and I would like to learn from the experience of others.Thank you,ChrisVictoria BC


  2. Tammy
    June 14, 2008

    Hi christopher,I don’t know too much about the houseboat. It’s in Gibsons BC Right on the main dock by Molly’s Reach. The photo is of the houseboat and a portion of the dock that the garden has expanded onto. That’s about all i know.. just snaped the pic because i thought Andrea would like it. If you do end up in Gibsons try the water from the city fountain – it’s the best ever!


  3. Pat Hernandez
    September 10, 2009

    I completely agree with Tammy that Vodka slows aging. It is said that pouring a citrus-flavored soda or an alcohol like vodka into the water in which the cut flowers are kept will prolong the time flowers stay fresh. Floriculturists confirm that in the correct proportion, this mixture will keep a bouquet bright, providing it water and food. And what about your second research Vodka effect on people.Vodka can be paired with food and cigar.I choose to Buy Cigars online.


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