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Who would be your Survivor visitor?

This edition of Survivor has reached the point towards the end where contestants get a visit with a friend or family member. It got me daydreaming about who I’d invite to be my ‘visit form home’. I know, I’m not likely to be on Survivor any time soon as they don’t take Canadians…. And I can’t swim. But in my imaginary game I had a hard time choosing. Certain people you’d miss and want to see but they might make you all emotional and take your head out of the game while others might make you tougher for the last stretch. And then there are the friends and family that would just really get a kick out of being there. hmmmm…

One comment on “Who would be your Survivor visitor?

  1. Sonia
    July 31, 2008

    Take me! Take me!


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