Trying to live life with sandy toes and laughter

Smell ya later…

Saturday night a bunch of us went to another Jetset crew party. The ‘all white’ polo party. It was pretty good, great music, lots of hot people. End of the night I leave my friends and walk down the alley to my car. I refused their offer to drive me the block down the alley thinking ‘I can take care of myself’. So as I approach my car I hear some rustling. I pause. Look around and notice two skunks playing around my car! WTF?! My feet hurt, I was tired and didn’t want to wait there all night until the coast was clear. So plan A – stomp loudly so they hear me coming. They didn’t even flinch… and I was wearing big platforms. Plan B – move fast. So I picked up the pace. Get to the door and couldn’t find the right key, couldn’t get it in the key hole. Crap they see me. As one of them starts to turn its A$# in my direction I get in the door, slip in the car, slam the door, and thankfully they scurry away. To think before that I was annoyed that my hair smelled like cigarette smoke.

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