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Happy New Year Re-do

Ok, so I may have forgotten to make my resolutions on New Year’s this year. I’m not saying I don’t have a lot to ‘change’, I was just too distracted leading up to 2008 and really didn’t care. So I made my resolutions, five of them, on January 5th. I had broken them all by January 7th. Do I have no will power left in me? Apparently not. But in my defence I think the lack of resolution hoopla on the actual New Year’s may have something to do with it. I just didn’t give them enough importance. When someone asked me that night what my resolutions were, my response was ‘resolwhowhat? I don’t know… hey he’s cute’. SOoooooo I think I need a clean start with my resolutions. I’m going to re-start the New Year again. Plan a little shindig, with the countdown, streamers, and most importantly… the thought out and committed to resolutions. Just can’t decide when to do it, maybe for the end of January?

Oh also, I found “the” dress I wanted to wear for New Year’s but couldn’t have because it was $350. It was on sale for $40… including tax. So I bought it. This may also be why I want another party but I’m sticking with the resolution idea… sounds a little less ‘confessions of a shopaholic’ (resolution #3).

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