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Who’s that smell…

The popular game I know we’ve all played. On an elevator, a bus, or anywhere people gather in large clumps. ‘Who’s that smell’ isn’t a fun game… it’s a game played out of necessity.

Today for example, I take a seat on the bus only to notice a horrendous smell. It was a mix of… you know I’m not going to describe it, just know it was gross (roll the r). So I need to identify where the smell is coming from so i can turn my head in the opposite direction to avoid inhaling. Is it guy to the left or guy to the right? Well guy to the left is about 50ish with a long grey beard, scruffy clothes that looked like they had never been washed, a nose ring (not the cute side piercing, this was the kind you see on cattle), and those big rings that stretch out your ears. Don’t get me wrong… i like piercings, on the ‘right’ guy I think they are hot. But this guy could be the poster-guy for parents who warn their kids with the ‘ya sure you think it’s cool now, but how cool will you look when your 50?’. The whole look just wasn’t age appropriate (any I worry about wearing skirts that are too short for my age). Anyway, as usual I’m digressing. Back to the smell. Guy on the right was normalish, looked like he had showered, reading a book. So my bet was guy to the left. 1/2 way through the trip he gets up and leaves… but the smell stayed. so i was wrong. Turns out it was ‘normalish’ guy. You just never know.

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