Trying to live life with sandy toes and laughter

Vegas for New Year’s 2007 to 2008…

Vegas is a crazy world. Seems like everything is done in excess which is great. It makes the little indulgence I do seem like nothing compared to what the rest of the Vegas world is up to : o

Spotted at LAX on my birthday (let’s just pretend they were there to celebrate):

Paris Hilton prancing into the VIP lounge at LAX and heading right to a table, jumped up and proceeded to dance while talking on her cell. Who says that girl doesn’t have talent – dancing on top of a table in heals, getting low without falling and all with a phone on her ear. LOL.

Lauren Conrad from the hills not really standing out much… but her new haircut does look great.

Whitney from the hills outshining her costar.

from the hills rolling her eyes at a fan that wanted her picture.

Stephen Colletti from Laguna beach looking adorable and more than a little annoyed at the hills girls ‘Jeckle and Hyde’ for the paparazzi.

Dave Navarro looking sexy – unfortunately it looked like he had some sort of Duff attached to his lap.

Georges St. Pierre looking, well actually i couldn’t find him but he was at LAX on my Bday… just way too may people to spot him : (

Avril Levine looking bored

Memorable quotes and moments:
If you had hair on your toes those would be hobbit feet
Don’t you know who i am?
If you don’t want to socialise with the geeks you’ll have to leave.
Where’s a good place to go? Um I don’t know..hooters. Pardon? hooters. Excuse me? um hooters?
Hurry up! I can’t, I’ve got a cripple with me.
I’ll lick… forget it. I can’t even type that quote. but it was funny.

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