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Sing Smurfs Sing…

So I had an AWKWARD run in with an ex boyfriend. I’m at the annual Halloween party Saturday – my favourite party of the year. I was there early, most of the place was empty. My friends and I were kind of scattered about and there were only about 4 other people there at this point. I’m standing close to the door… look up, and see my ex boyfriend coming in (looking adorable). So I’m thinking no, not tonight, I love these parties… who does he even know here… and crap he’s still hot. Seconds later his girlfriend walks in (score I’m cuter). Let me tell you, seeing him with a girlfriend is not a big deal for me… but it’s always nice to know you’re cuter ; ). We broke up a long time ago… he’s been married, divorced and I’m well over that weird-to-see-them-with-someone-else stage. Also, we haven’t talked in a year… not bad terms, but there was too much chemistry and history to be just friends… we tried… it didn’t work. So the stage is set for awkwardness. He walks in… we’re standing facing each other, and we both look a little in shock. His girlfriend walks in… clueless that x and I know each other. She’s looking around at the decorations and when she turns away he looks at me and shrugs his shoulders motioning to his gf as if to say – can’t say hi because I’m with her. WTF – I was floored? Really… you can’t introduce us? We were so long ago? So instead of saying all the witty remarks I thought of after the fact, I just had the deer in headlights look. Desperate for a distraction I fumble in my purse for my camera and decide to take video of the smurfs. So as I’m yelling at the smurfs to sing, the x skirts his gf to the bar and I assume explains the awkwardness. So the rest of the night I was doing the he’s upstairs… make sure I’m downstairs thing to avoid him and vice-verse. I still had fun but no where near as much as those parties usually are for me. I’ll post the smurf video… it’s kind of funny. You can hear the shrill as I try to get the smurfs to sing, and at the very beginning in the far corner you can (barely)see the gf getting the talk.

Here’s my Halloween Costume – Charlie’s Angels… I should have gone with the sexy cat costume. Angel’s were fun but the only time you could tell what we were was at the beginning of the night when we were posing for pictures together.

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