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Belated Brazil Post….

OMG it’s November and I’m just now posting about my August/September 2007 trip to Brazil? Things have been busy since I’ve been back. Let’s see how much I remember? I had so much more fun on this trip than my last Brazil 2005 trip. They were both great but this one we stayed in Resife the whole time and were able to train and dance WAY more often.

So some highlights: All the different Mestre’s (In addition to our own groups Mestres, my favourites were Mestre Maurao, Mestre Hulk, Mestre King and Mestre Cobrinha) – the different classes with them were great, and after every day they had so much energy they would start jamming on the drums and dancing. It was great to see them all loosen up and have some fun. Then there were the capoiera rodas… with around 15 different mestres there were some incredible games to see, and then there were the discussions and debates about capoeira and where it should be going – there was a great one on MMA in capoeira… i just wish I could understand a little more Portuguese.

The academy – they built this great Axe Capoeira academy covered but outside and it had a little house were some people could stay. I loved the hammocks.

The bus jam sessions – Every time we went anywhere on the bus we had the drums and instruments and everyone sang… even when you were tired the energy was infectious and you’d end up joining in.

The many samba de rodas – I love Samba and it was great to see so many guys that can dance. We had so many samba rodas – I miss them : (

The padoge night where we got to show off our samba skillz – we went and saw all these great bands play in this huge warehouse – great dancing, lots of fun.

Agua de coca – I miss the fresh coconut water.

Performing afro (one last time?) – I always say that but with my back problems I really should stop. But it’s sooo much fun : )

Hotel buffet breakfasts – anything you can think of eating for breakfast. Every morning.

The sun – when it wanted to show itself. It’s so cold in Canada…. my joints hurt here.

The Hotel on the beach.

Capoeira Classes at Casa du Cultura.

fou hou dancing (I’m sure that’s spelt wrong)

Olinda and Port Du Galinias and the Mark of zero au lau class

Finding a bunch of huge dolls tucked behind a building.

What I don’t miss: Having to check my shoes for scorpions after the rain, mosquitoes that can give you dengue fever, rice and beans, the 5 flight transfers and stop overs that were too long or too short – missing flight in Sao Paulo after 15 hours of travel. Waiting… or maybe i do miss that, but I’ll call it chilling.

Here’s me with some of the capoeira guys that kept me laughing all trip…

And the girls…

The big dolls… seriously, who expects to find these in a dark alley?

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