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Lame ads are annoying…

I’m riding the skytrain this morning and notice a translink ad in the back of the train. It shows this women talking on her cell phone in an empty train with the headline ‘don’t act as if you are the only person on the train’. Are you kidding me? with all the seriously annoying and rude things that people do on the skytrain, Translink is worried about people talking on their cell phones? Really? So it’s proper etiquette to stare quietly like zombies? Here’s my list of better messaging to get across:

When the train is full and you are ANYWHERE near the middle section and doors, get out at every stop to let people out.

When your waiting for the train, don’t crowd the platform trying to inch forward. and especially don’t cut in front of people as soon as the train comes… this makes people feel the need to fight for their space and there have been too many ‘accidental’ track mishaps.

DON’T wear strong Cologne/perfume… there are way too many people that suffer from asthma and migraines. Seriously… I’d rather smell BO than perfume.

You get the idea.. I could go on. Talking on the phone, that’s not even on my radar. Talking to your friend and laughing loudly when your mouth is a foot from my ear – that’s annoying.

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