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What’s with all the road kill Vancouver?

Maybe it’s the garbage strike increasing the amount of rodents in urban areas? Or maybe there’s some kind of competition going on to see who can rack up the most points but lately I’ve been noticing an unusually large amount of road kill on the streets. And tragic one’s… where you can see the shock in thier little smushed bodies. And then there’s the skunks. I seriously don’t want to drive anymore.

Today driving home I saw this cautious little squirel start out on the road and then stop when he saw me. I stopped, and then noticed he was trying to get out to the road to his little buddy who had been smushed. It was so sad. Nothing he could do, he looked so lost trying to help. Little buddy was probably the daring one
living a risk filled life, touching lots of other squirels with his ‘live life fun attitude’. Nothing anyone can do but be sad and miss him. Doesn’t seem fair – death sucks.

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