Trying to live life with sandy toes and laughter


Wow… I’ve been neglecting this here blog big time. This past month has been crazy with work and health stuff and then the capoeira event was at the end of July. I was so relieved to get to the end of July. I relaxed for like two days but now i’m trying to get ready for Brazil – leaving on the 20th. I have to get a month worth of work done in the next week. My flight(s) to Brazil are a total mess – I think i have 5 different flights and it takes two full days to get there. and to top it off we’re flying on my exboyfriend’s airline (well not his… he’s just a pilot for them). So 2 days of getting on and off planes, I’m sure I’ll look like crap so odds are high I’ll bump into him. Why don’t we ever run into exboyfriends when we’re looking hot?

Speaking of hot, where’s the summer? We get a little sun tease for a few days and then it’s gone? what’s up with that? Doesn’t even feel like summer has started and they are already well into ‘back to school’ mode. That’s just wrong.

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