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I must have had a ‘cute’ day

Sometimes you go about your day with little or no flirtatious attention. Those days suck. Saturday was the opposite – I wish I could remember which perfume I was wearing? It started with the mechanic who decided to fix my tire and give my car a tune-up for free. Then strolling back from Yaletown two cute out of town guys invite me to a yacht party (would have gone if I had a wing girl with me), as I’m graciously declining a beautiful day (probably the last nice day of the summer) spent on a boat, I turn around and almost bump into Akon giving me the once over (ok… so I didn’t recognize him at the time – I’ll file that one away with the Bret Hedican incident). The day continued on this way with other random cuties and a few Argos until about midnight when everything changed and Sunday was a downward spiral that’s really unfit for me to blog about 😛

Kind of interesting that most of the attention comes from out of town guys? ; )

One comment on “I must have had a ‘cute’ day

  1. Annick
    November 11, 2008

    People should read this.


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