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Hockey has changed…

When did that happen? OK, I admit… Hockey and I took a little break. We needed some time apart, the spark was gone. Actually, I really loved the Canucks back in the day. Our 94 team rocked – and so many cuties. But they traded that team away… once the last ones Hedican and Quinn were gone that was it for me (I loved Hedican. OK, not enough to recognise him when I met him, but that’s a whole other embarrassing story that I’d prefer not to tell).

Anyway, I went to a game tonight. My friend had an extra ticket and I thought why not… Trevor’s back on the team. But things are very different. First, where’s the hitting and the fighting? Maybe it was just a gentle game? In hockey? And when there was a little action… it was called. Every time. Second thing…omg the system in GM place. It’s like going to the laser light show. Very high tech. And no more bag pipes??? But I did love the drums. OK, the last change… sudden death shoot-outs for OT. Have to admit those were awesome 😉 And Trev scored 🙂 Ya Canucks.

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