Trying to live life with sandy toes and laughter

Lucky day… I didn’t lose my head

Driving back from yoga this morning…
I’m driving along when a truck going the opposite direction loses it’s trailer. So the trailer jumps the meridian and is headed straight for me. I figured I was going to die. Seriously… it looked pretty grim. I had one of those moments of clarity you hear enlightened hippies talk about. It was like ok… freeze up and stop here and trailer takes your head off, keep going and said trailer slams into your door and probably cuts you in half… option three, floor it towards the trailer so you can get past it. All this reflection happens in fractions of a second (why cant I think that fast at work?). So I decided to channel a stunt driver and floored it towards oncoming trailer… made it past and with a little swerve it only nicked the back half of my car. took out the passenger side of the car behind – nobody was hurt.

Happy St Patricks day… off to buy a lotto ticket.

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