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Hey Santa…

Two weeks ago I thought I had everything I needed.
Now it’s December… with xmas and my birthday I’ve had the pressure from people to do up a wish list (apparently I’m difficult to buy for??). So I sit down and try to come up with a list of items that I might want… nothing. I’m content. But I know they’re waiting and if I don’t get this list done I will hear about it… a lot. So slowly a few ideas come to me… then a few more. Now I have a list so long I have to post it here because a simple piece of fullscap just wont hold it.
Two weeks ago I was content. Now I think need these things so bad… I might have to pick them up before xmas ; )

The List…
hoody from TnA
mp3 player
tickets to see INXS
new INXS cd
book – staying healthy with the seasons
gift certificate from jacob
make-up – Jane Iredale (found in spa’s) kaki shadow trio
Jane Iredale blush brush (thin white one)
blue tooth headset for mororola v3 phone
silky pj bottoms
Axe Capoeira dvd – Brazil 2005 performance
Spa gift certificates
black puma purse ???
Perfume – Ralph Lauren Cool
Perfume – Jean Paul Gautier
Barenaked Ladies Xmas Cd
Tea pot
Atari joystick
Knitted minions
lulu lemon small black purse (I think they sold out)
lulu lemon gift certificate
bottle of starbucks sugar free vanilla
lungs and a hamstring

2 comments on “Hey Santa…

  1. Noelene
    November 30, 2005

    Yeah Like thats a big list… try again. We need Options!!!


  2. Noelene
    December 2, 2005

    Lisa would like to know what size you are – she also said she was prety impressed with your list!


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