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Parades, Fights, Spa and Bond… James Bond

Can it really be 9 days until December??? I have my annual xmas spa weekend with the girls this weekend and we are already doing our gift exchange. It seems like summer was just yesterday. I’m not complaining though… a weekend of hot springs, spa treatments and presents… how could I.

It’s going to be a busy weekend. I took Friday off to hang out with my friend that’s heading back to Japan : ( I’m still trying to figure out how I can make her stay… short of kidnaping I’m at a loss. Friday night we’re going to watch the Mixed Martial Arts fight.

Saturday in the day I’m in the Grey Cup Parade… still not sure how that happened. I haven’t been in a parade since my Drum Corp days back in… um, well it was a while ago. Let’s leave it at that. Pamela Anderson is actually going to be the parade marshal. Fitting since that was where she was discovered… by my cousin-in-law (at least this is the story he tells). He was a radio dj and was announcing the football game way back in the day. The camera man showed a shot of a hot girl (Pamela Anderson) and the crowd started cheering. So cousin-in-law gets them to instant replay the shot a few times and had the stadium roaring. After that I think she became a Labatt girl and the rest is history. Kinda cool.

Saturday night I’m going to a James bond theme party by the same group that did the awesome halloween party I went to a few weeks back. Should be fun. I’m dusting off grams black evening gown from the 50’s for this one.

Then Sunday and Monday Shawna, Corri and I will be in spa happyness.

Tuesday is going to suck.

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